An Aria

An Aria

What would happen if I drank cement
I’m drained
I’m going in. I contain multitudes.

We sell bait
Duck for a Buck
This is a fucking protest

You brought me to my knees

I’m half-off(!) now
I’m half out of my mind now

I slept in a car once
Not because I was homeless
I just wanted to be naked outside

I sat bare-assed in a tray of pinestraw and mud
Got lost in The Fox
Then fell for a wolf

I wanted to dance on my toes
but I couldn’t trade in my gravity

Opera on Sunday
Sunday’s Best!
For Sunday dinner—
And I hate Sundays because Sundays mean leaving

Good morning  We talked the whole night through

But don’t knock too hard
Three or four times
But not too soft either
A neutral knock

We capsized
and Franny got anxious and tried to swim
Her legs looked like scissors
But she wasn’t going anywhere

I always thought our tree was better
Now we have a fake tree
Now we have no tree

We fought elbow wars over the line
And I sang all night

Aren’t people worried about getting sick sharing a cup?
Keep the faith!

I got high and listened to Led Zeppelin
Strung Christmas tree lights
Cut a square out of the back screen door for my piece

I thought brussel sprouts had to taste like shit

Too young to shave your legs
But old enough
for blue eyeshadow

My father was better in the kitchen
I can’t believe Birkenstocks with socks was a trend

There was a message
I can’t remember

I humped a Magnolia
more than once
who was I fooling

I wasn’t sure if anyone bought it when I blew the whistle