One Extra Ounce

One Extra Ounce

All I had to do was—
Pass the bread please. The body of
You mean you’re not gonna take communion?

The clock sounds every hour and the air conditioner never stops humming. I never stop running.
They drifted apart. 
Elizabeth Calmus has a bad heart and she just had her foot operated on.
Oh Foot!
I forgot to put it in the damn deep freeze and Winn Dixie really does have the best fried chicken and it’s only 5.99!

I’m sad before it’s ever even gone. I guess I really am pretty sad.

I mean, I don’t think he gives a hoot about the country. I mean honestly. I just think he wants to see if he can get elected. I see no empathy in him at all.

I can’t hear you. What are you saying?
I mean to tell you. I have no earthly idea.
Just listen for a minute.
Boiled okra is not for everybody.

I’m not gonna talk until midnight.
Nancy, are you gonna clean the kitchen?
It belonged to Mamou Olson

Past Pass Christian. Go get some po’boys for lunch
(My father pronounces the R)
Could I get a 6 inch with shrimp and an 8 inch with oysters? We don’t understand each other.
Just a constant conversation of questions.

The rest of the world is really concerned.
Do you have a good sense of smell? Do you smell something in here? I smell everything. Sometimes it really drives me crazy.
He got stung by a stingray and now he’s really sensitive about stingrays. He had a hole in his leg.

There is tension here between everybody.
There is tension here under every(body)

Their voices were erased. Why did they leave the city? Why of course.

It was always in the 9th Ward. When is the last time you went crabbing?
When is the last time you caught anything in your net?

There is no recipe for the roux and it’s the most important part. 
You hear gunshots all night now.
One extra oz. for Mississippi!